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Christopher Bliss - Writing Wrongs

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  • Christopher Bliss - Writing Wrongs

    Christopher Bliss is the novelist who writes two to three novels a day and is sure he’s the best writer in his village. Rob Carter masters the well meaning idiot in this endearing, cringe inducing character comedy based on a bad writer and his even worse books.

  • Danielle Ward - Seventeen

    What's the correct amount of pubic hair? Can feminists enjoy twerking? Why is fruit suddenly bad for you? Let Danielle guide you through this difficult time as well her 90s upbringing with stand-up, songs and one explicit mime. Follow @captainward

  • Dan Cook - For Money

    It’s not all about money. Although Dan’s show clearly is, even though he doesn't have any of it. A frenetically paced hour of physical comedy with the catchy mantra 'Compromise! Struggle! Futility!’ Money can’t buy you love, but this set won’t fail to bring you happiness.