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Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood

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  • Lou Sanders - What's That Lady Doing?

    A charmingly haphazard show full of mischievous monologues, offbeat observations and self-aware asides, from a comedian who manages to balance relatable charm with heightened surrealism.
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  • Danielle Ward - Seventeen

    What's the correct amount of pubic hair? Can feminists enjoy twerking? Why is fruit suddenly bad for you? Let Danielle guide you through this difficult time as well her 90s upbringing with stand-up, songs and one explicit mime. Follow @captainward

  • Alan Driscoll - Infinite Love

    With a charmingly confessional style, Alan Driscoll shines the light of laughter into the darkest recesses of life and relationships. With Infinite Love, the Oz-based Brit makes a heartfelt call for compassion in a dark and uncaring age.