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Watch this video and more on NextUp

Lou Sanders - What's That Lady Doing?

All Shows – 52m

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  • Marcel Lucont - Gallic Symbol

    Acerbic and magniloquent Frenchman seeks willing, intelligent audience for one hour only of fun, adventure, maybe something more. Must have own underwear, socks and breath but be prepared to have these charmed off, laughed off and taken away respectively. Follow: @MarcelLucont

  • Mark Smith - Old Smudge

    Mark crams as many funny, stupid and potentially dangerous observations into the show as possible on topics as diverse as bowling, going bowling, and do you like bowling? Follow: @marksmithcomedy

    One of our 'Fringe Picks by Turtle Canyon Comedy'.

  • Michael Legge - Jerk

    When Legge’s dog and David Bowie died in the same year, it was enough to make this 48 year old alcoholic vegan rage. Whimsical and furious in equal measure, Legge’s impassioned show administers a delightful dose of vitriol. Follow @michaellegge

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