Comedy History

Comedy History

Forget 'the next big thing', discover the biggest comedians from the 1970s and 1980s. What's changed since then, and which influences and styles have stuck? Do these A-listers of the past stand the test of time?

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Comedy History
  • Frank Carson

    Hugh Francis "Frank" Carson was an Irish comedian and actor, best known on television in series such as The Comedians and Tiswas. He was a regular on television for a number of years whilst also working as a stage entertainer and appearing before the Royal Family in shows. He is known for two cat...

  • Cannon and Ball

    An English comedy double act best known for their successful comedy variety show The Cannon and Ball Show, which lasted for nine years on ITV. Onstage, Cannon plays the suave, self-assured straight man while Ball - whose prominent eyes, woolly moustache and hairdo make him ideally suited as the b...

  • Ted Robbins

    Ted Robbins is an English actor, comedian, television presenter and radio broadcaster. He famously suffered a heart attack and collapsed on stage, clutching his chest, during his solo sketch at the opening night of the Phoenix Nights Live tour at the Manchester Arena.

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  • Jim Bowen

    Jim Bowen is an English stand-up comedian and TV personality. He is best known as the long-time host of the ITV game show Bullseye, which he hosted from its beginning in September 1981 until the end of its 14th series in July 1995.

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